on hugs and photography

Have you ever felt that you needed a hug so much you could hardly breath?
Not even a lover’s hug, just a simple, nurturing gesture of two hands meeting in the back of your back and squeezing so hard you can feel their strength seeping into your bones?

Misty Mea and Nicole Brenann hug after their win at the AVP opens in 2010

Well, today is that day for me. Today, I would like a hug. Maybe it’s the cold outside or the fact that I was skimming through old photos in my archives and I ran into this one that I took at the end of the 2010 American Professional Beach Volleyball season right before the AVP series went under, so I am suffering from sport photography nostalgia, I guess.

Or maybe because I particularly remember what it took me to get this shot. It was poring rain outside and Misty and Nicole just won their grand prize of $24,000.00 in the Virginia Beach AVP Open. There were no photographers on the court because the game was over and so was the day. But then the two busted back out and just started dancing and hugging under the rain.

So, I ran back out after them and got this shot. These two were my favorite players of all times during the two summers I worked for the American Professional Beach Volleyball Tour and I know this hug here is a hug of love and victory. A hug of release and a hug of contentment.
A full body embrace. And just by looking at it I can feel the warming sensation of the exchange in energy between the two athletes and this makes me wish for one myself especially because the AVP went out of business and Misty and Nicole are no longer playing as a pair.

Oh, well…I guess the parenthesis of sport photography was open and closed for me, but simmering in memory lane in not all that bad every once in a while.

Now, let me go find myself a hugger!

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