part of a revolution

Yes, I am that 99% the protestors in Wall Street are talking about. Yes, I want to see a better form of Democracy. Yes, I believe Wall Street is “our” street and not “their’s.” Yes, I do not have health insurance because I cannot afford it. And yes, I am annoyed that I still pay high taxes when I make little money and I am not even a U.S. citizen. And yes, I was among the reporters who filmed the scene of police officers charging the crowd with horses and weapons when nobody was pushing and nobody was violating anyone’s right.

And yes, I was so proud to be part of such polite, organized and respectful group of people who marched from Washington Square all the way to Times Square on side walks respecting the police officers and never crowding the streets, instead than being part of the rallies in Italy, my own country, where few arrogant and violent people just ruined the dream for everyone else.
The OWS people are not irreverent and disrespectful bunch, they are the 75-year-old grandparents who I saw sitting with signs complaining about their pensions and their fallible medicaid plans, they are the doctors protesting for lack of a useful and beneficial health insurance plan, they are all of us who are sitting at home watching them on the news. And they are also the 100+ who got arrested because they believed their voice could help the cause of “rebuilding a better society” one step at the time. And yes, I support them 100% because they raised their voice for all of us. And yes, the voice is only step one, but most of us did not even make it that far yet!
So, yes…I was there and I am proud to say it was a small part toward a bigger worldwide revolt that I hope will keep its momentum until something is changed because we, ARE the HOPE of OUR future!

Note to all: the photos you see here are from my actual video on the OWS protest **(hence the lack of sharpness).
Video coming out shortly.

One thought on “part of a revolution

  1. Jill says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear from you and see photos!!! I knew you’d come through! Thanks for being there and sharing what you see and hear! xoxo

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