sinful minds and flying chickens

Although it sounds and looks a lot like a Voodoo rituals, this is indeed the perfect receipt for a successful Kapparot. The ceremony practice the night before Yom Kippur to shed the coat of sinful actions done during the year and prepare for the Day of Atonement where G-d would pardone us of such deceitful actions after a full day of fasting.

While reciting a blessing, one just circles around his head an alive chicken so that the animal would inadvertently catch all of your sins, ridding you of such heavy weight so that your fast the day of Yom Kippur can be more cleansing and therefore more holy in the outcome.
Few minutes later the chicken would be “shecht” or killed in the most “human way possible,” according to the Kasherut (the Jewish Law of edible meats).
And yes, I did get sucked into doing it and hated every minute of it not only because of the potent smell, but because of the poor chickens and their incredibly brave role of wanting to take charge of all my last year’s sins…

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