Burn .02 is here and it’s worth every penny

Hey guys…so, if you are a photographer,  you probably like to look at well-composed and lit-images, and maybe you may also have a slight obsession for photography books as I do. Now, though, if you are an emerging photographer, it’s likely that you have very little money and you possibly had maxed out your credit cards to buy the newest lens or camera equipment on the market and buying a photography book is not your first priority.

Well, think again!
But what about if I told you that Burn .02 is 80 percent made of photos of emerging photographers like yourself and 20 percent of well established photographers you probably look to emulate and that Burn yearly gives one $1,500 grant for the best photo projects in the market and then you get to see people’s immediate reaction to it?
You know this is all provided entirely free for all of us on the web, but there are real people actually working their magic for hours across the globe so that we can comment on so and so new photo essay on the mexican drug lords or the problem of satanism in whatever part of the world.
This is very good and high class imagery to be free at all time.
Now, I am not trying to promote a banned on the Internet or some pay-to-see option here. I am just suggesting all of you/us who like to read Burn out there to buy the book and help the Burn team so they will be able to publish much more because we are all in it and we all want the photography market to strive and never have to come to a mediocre level.
I am not a Burn Magazine employee *(there aren’t any, all the people who work for Burn are entirely self-employed freelancers who like to help out) I am no promoter of the site. I have just found inspirational essays and very well done projects on this online magazine and I strongly believe in such a highly competitive environment as professional photography, there is the need for a platform for active, wonderful and motivated young photographer such as Burn.
So, whatever the reason you may have that is stopping you from spending money, put it aside and consider that by buying this book, you are actually investing in your own future as a photographer and as a photo editor of your own work.
So, you see the circle of accountancies is very small and it revolves around the same exact desires we all have: Take the good pictures~

You can visit the Burn Magazine.org and order a copy.

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