…and how my dream became reality

Last weekend I was published on the New York Times magazine . What a treat!

What is TRUE love?

When It come to this question, I remain speechless. I can come up with so many definitions, but yet again not one makes complete sense to me. Not as much as it should anyway if explained with words. Love is unexplainable, unspeakable, even the word is meaningless if not accompanied with actions. So why so many of us look for it constantly, unrelentingly, almost obsessively?

Why not let it take its corse and let it happen as it should, naturally?

Because we are in a hurry to share our precious lives…and sometimes, in the mist of it all, we do not even recognize we are sharing such goldmines with the wrong companion. To what price?

No. No. No.
This is not the way it should be. This is not the way it should feel.
Or, at least, not the way I remembered it.

“Let the Rebbe grant us his blessing for a long and happy life together,” said Rochel Winer at the Ohel (the grave of the Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem Schneerson) in Cambria Heights, Queens. She came here with her soon-to-be husband Tommer, but she could not say “yes” to his request of marriage until she received the Rebbe’s blessing for their life as a couple.

The two lovers before the wedding...

If you are not an Orthodox Jew, you may not understand the meaning of such blessing, but let me just say, seeing two lovers who have not yet had any physical contact, but have shared over 8 months worth of walks in the park, movie premiers, afternoons wonders around Manhattan, praying together to the grave of the highest of G-d servers on Earth for a sign they were meant to be together, was probably the most moving and true sign of love I have seen in a long time.

And yes, they will have their ups and downs, their crisis and their moments of doubts, but the freedom in their eyes said a lot to me when I met this sweet couple, and somehow made the constant worry I have seen lately in my eyes simply vanish in a softer gaze toward an unknown, but exciting future.

“Just do not hurry love, love will come easy it’s a game of give and take…”

Sing it along!!!

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