about being grateful

I personally think too much and more often than not I am too negative about what I have not yet accomplished and what I would like to still get and this way I end up forgetting to let it go and be grateful for what I have got and what I have constructed up to now.
Such forgetfulness and such constant search for the next “pit stop” where I will re-fuel and keep on going is the cause of my sufferings. That incredible burden one feel on their shoulders when he/she feels not sense of direction.
But what about enjoying the ride in its entirety, the downs as much as the ups and the black holes as much as the white, bright, shining light at the end of the tunnel? What about just accepting the reality for what is and taking it in one big breath at the time?
I choose to be more grateful and more aware of my minds’ wondering to be the cause of most of my confusion. So, I choose to think less and be more grateful to it all.
May this be helpful for so many out there “wonderful and dreadful thinkers” who spend hours thinking and twirling and analyzing and dissecting and corroborating while instead they could be reaching a more peaceful stage by just accepting and being grateful to have and not to have not.

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