“Take this teachings I am giving you as a gift toward happiness. A gift toward self-knowledge and self-acceptance,” said Sri Dharma Mittra in his Master Class on a hot Tuesday night in downtown Manhattan. “Everyone of us has a piece of God inside themselves, this part of the omnipresent must be cherished and fed in order to be revealed. Once we do so, we can join the path to the end of all sufferings.”

Those were just the words I needed to hear last night!

After I tore my ACL in Christmas, I have been slacking off my Yoga practice and, since then, I was often restless and upset, and decided to put aside my, so feared meditation as well, and, rightfully so, it all went downhill from there…

Today I find myself with a NEED for peace. An inexplicable, absolutely necessary NEED for internal peace and love for myself.

I just reached the point on conclusion that enough is enough. I NEED a change in spirit and a change of heart.

Dharma can’t do that for me. I am the one who MUST make this leap forward, and, right now, that confusion and sense of loss have been gone, I am ready to leap ahead. Start that journey against the fear that got me where I am right now, in a very uncomfortable place of stress.

Let the revolution begin. Let the glimpse of God inside me be worshipped without judgment nor assumptions.

Onward I go toward this infinite world of bliss, hopeful to find myself along the way…

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