free stylin’ it

Yesterday night I felt a little bit like Spiderman, too bad I was missing my spandex-like suite and some safety nets where to fall after the big jumps.
But, in my own way, I still climbed up a roof-top in a random building in mid-town and played around with my camera (well, I did not save anybody from the bad people, but I certainly paid my dues).
Now, the fact that up there I may have encountered (also randomly) a man who likes to throws his legs around calling his hobby Capoeira and that I ended up photographing just that…it is also purely a coincidence.

Then, of course, I also attribute to pure chance the fact that up there on the lonely roof-top there was another very cool photographer who could not resist the temptation of taking photos of me striking a couple of Yoga poses myself… absolutely not at all planned this way, but worth every minute of it especially because we were in a “keep-out zone.”

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