BoulderTimesSquareCentralPark Yoga

“Happiness is being with nature, seeing her, and conversing with her,” Tolstoy.
I do not get to see much of nature in New York City, but lately I have found myself conversing with another form of nature inside myself: My human nature– that same nature that often confuses me with all its ups and downs and twists and turns and mood swings, but also that same human nature that allows me to feel so incredibly lucky and powerful sometimes.

Well, human nature and I had a very deep heart-to-heart conversation a while ago and it so came-up among one thing or the other that what I fear the most is change itself.
I am not scared of the dark, neither am I scared of heights, I am scared of how quickly my emotions and my thoughts, not to mention my ideas, change in time. And how I would like to control them more, only to discover I can’t. And, the more I try it, the more I loose my battle poorly and painfully.

So, I made it a point to let change happen and let go being upset by it. Change is good no matter what, that’s all. We cannot resist it, we can only subdue ourselves to it.
“So, here I am change, take me with you and spin me around where you please. I will follow without resistance as far as you’s be fair with me!”

These three women I photographed here are three fantastic Yoga teachers who came to change their entire life to be where they are now. Whether in Manhattan or in Boulder, Colorado, they accepted their true nature, battled against their fears of the unknown and settled with the intentions that change is just what happens sometimes, we just have to trust the Universal Plan and go along with that smiling.

One thought on “BoulderTimesSquareCentralPark Yoga

  1. Jill says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful post…….

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