the new challenge for a true photographer: the iPhone 5 and its photo applications

I play with it, it’s no secret. I love camerabag and others little photoshop-like applications, but I am starting to get really concerned about the abuse of such technology and the loss of what makes photography a unique expression of a personal view on reality .

It is no news that everyone in need of a photo can now pull out a little gadget from her pocket and snap away (in same case, like lately in Lybia, those photos were the first one published even on news media Web site because the first people to be able to get as close as possible were civilians in loco before Press was actually allowed in the vicinity). In this case technology has saved us time and money to get news out as soon as it happens. But it has also made us completely unable to wait for the better shots, the better, more complete and compelling story.
We just want to hear it and hear it soon, no matter how incomplete the story is.

This is where the challenge lies for all the professional photojournalists out there.
The competition professional photographers are encountering the more the market for new cameras and new inexpensive tools to photograph is growing is different from the one Robert Capa and Cartier Bresson once found.
Obviously, it is not the appendice that makes the best photos, but the arm and the mind (creativity) of a photographer. Yet again, before we were less to photograph and the cameras allowed to do so where much harder to use so the first bunch were selected there, now we are an entire school of fish hungry to show what’s around us in our own separate ways with whichever easy-to-use camera phone we got.

What will it be next? A robot programmed to view a detailed imagery for us and then decide how to compose the frame and take the photo?
Maybe I am over-reacting, but I strive to perfect my art daily and I hope talent, study and constant preparation will be the weapons that will keep me separate from the crowed scene of today’s photography world so that I can follow in the footsteps of Magnum Photographers who made history for not only catching the moment, but doing so in their own very personal ways.

One thought on “the new challenge for a true photographer: the iPhone 5 and its photo applications

  1. Jill says:

    Great post! This comment….”We just want to hear it and hear it soon, no matter how incomplete the story is.”….. especially caught my attention…can’t help but see the connection as it applies to journalism in general, be it in the written pieces or the images we see on our TV screens. It’s a shame………..continue your art the way you do…….it is so appreciated by many!

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