only one try

There is something magical about waiting more before taking the shot.
Whether you shoot digital or analogic, the best pictures are the ones in which you “dedicate your life to the moment you choose to portray,” as my mentor David Alan Harvey likes to say.
Milking the moment is what we do. We find the best angles, the light at the right spot, the most interesting subject and then we “composed” our image to what we “see” as the more compelled and more developed one. And then we do it again and again and once more. It is very much like a painter when he starts seeing where the brush strokes will take him. He keeps on going until the painting seems almost done.
The longer set-ups, the slower focus with a range finder and the more adrenaline rush knowing you have only one go and that is it: You either got it or not. Not to mention the infinite hours you have to wait to see what the picture actually looks like. All of this is what makes film photography compelling to me.
Despite the more difficult equipment, shooting film gives me a sense of calmness.
I feel no pressure, no rush. Just an innate sense of belonging to the moment for a lot longer.
As if the photo did not end the moment you released the trigger, but it kept on going and going…

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