sugar tooth

There is place for everything in Rome. A place you go to with your loved ones to taste the most delicious coffee, a place known for its red wine, a place you go to try the best pasta cacio e pepe and then there is a place in Rome where you go if you know you want to eat something typically Jewish and generally burnt.
Something even more authentically Roman and Jewish than the carciofi alla giudia…a sweet delicatessen sold only here at the corner of a two-room bakery that has been backing such sweets for over 200 years: La pizza de piazza da Boccioni.

“Burnt is a taste,” said one of the man in line in front of the bakery this Sunday afternoon. “La pizza couldn’t be any other way, but burnt!”

Now, if only they could spare one or two almonds inside the dough…the whole thing would be lighter and less caloric.
But as owner Vilma Limentani said “calories are not important when it comes to how many dry grapes I want to put inside my dough, all I care for it’s the final taste. And the one I like it’s sweet and juicy.”

Lechaim to that!

So, if you have never tried to stand in line at Boccioni’s for a whole 13 minutes to try a piece of heaven you will remember every time someone would say the words Jewish and Rome, you must. Got get yourself a piece of pizza and savor every little bite as if it were the last, because some day the bakery runs off it before lunch time and your piece may very well be the last and fighting over it isn’t something you want to try doing.

ps: if you happen to have a cart of milk handy, dipping it in it’s even better…

One thought on “sugar tooth

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