Once upon a time…

… there was a little countryside house in the outskirts of Rome. The house was big and white and at the gate there was a big dog guarding that was supposed to bark to strangers to protect the little kids inside.
In this big white house, there were two wonderful women, one with dark, black hair who taught the little children how to paint and draw and the other woman with white, short hair and a very red lipstick instead who taught them how to play music and how to sing.
Outside the house there was a magic garden with a brick castle in the middle where kids would play all day long until their parents would come to pick them up after work at night.
Thank God, though, the children would come back to the big white house and the enchanted castle the next day and the day after that and that one after and more until they grew so much older they did not fit in the small brick castle anymore and they were asked to leave.
That was the time they started elementary school.

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