Roma nun fa la stupida stasera, damme na` mano a faje di` de si`

When I don’t know what to do with myself, when I am anxious and when I am incapable of understanding why I am feeling uneasy with everyone around me, I leave the house with my camera at hand.

Most of the time I am not sure what I am seeking, but it’s not important. The single movement of just opening the door, stepping outside with the idea of maybe capturing a glimpse of the same life I see with my bare eyes behind my camera and make it look different it’s worth the dwelling.

Sometimes I come home with nothing.
I come home uninspired and pissed off for the time wasted wondering for hours without proofs of my traveling.

Other times I surprise myself.
The most uninteresting shot becomes the opening photo of a new project I was not even aware I had in mind.

Yesterday was one of those inspiring and surprising days.

I wasn’t looking for anything, but some fun with my little sister exploring the center of Rome. Few hours later I got lost behind the camera photographing a puddle of water on the sidewalk near the pantheon.

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