polar bears are not just animals

In Brooklyn there are in fact people who behave like them, but they are missing the white fur. The resistance for cold water seems to run strong and steady in their blood already and so does their passion for the environment.

They are the Polar Bears Club and every Sunday at 1pm sharp, they bathe in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the shore of Coney Island padding their chests and screaming on the top of their lungs while forming the shape of a circle to remember the Arctic Circle.
They do not just dip and skip, they sit and play in cold water for what seems to us *(outsiders) an eternity even in Polar Bears time. And they come out with a big smile on their face and a prayer for their brothers at the Poles.
Getting wet to the knees was absolutely worth if what I got to see what a bunch of happy people kidding around in 42 degree water and then reminiscing images of their parents doing the same thing 30 years ago.
Let’s just say I got so excited I almost took my own clothing off and jumped in with the Bears. Too bad I had too much camera equipment and maybe not enough stamina this time around, but there are many more Sundays from here until April I can take my chances with Mother Ocean.
Now, I just have to pick the one day with the warmest temperature!

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