Now I will tell you how running (in the rain) is BETTER than therapy

Imagine a week of work gone wrong, of deadlines never met and a stream of back-to-back meetings that never ends. Imagine a loved one who decides it’s not worth to give you two a chance anymore. Imagine the blood boiling in your veins. Imagine your heart exploding in your chest and your temples just pounding.

Now, imagine putting on your running shoes, lacing them up, getting your Alanise Morissette tune on, setting your watch and flying out the door no matter the poring rain outside. Imagine lifting one foot at the time up and down in the water puddles around the park. Imagine getting drenched from head to toes until there is no more dry spots on your rain-proof jacket.

Imagine the sweat mixing to the poring rain. Imagine not caring which way you go as far as you go forward. Imagine just that. Imagine there is no other place to be but on the Prospect Park dirt path getting socket and muddy.

There is nothing else better to heal anything. Especially if at the end of the rain you get to see the rainbow. Now, just now, after the huffing and puffing. Now, after the sweat and the heavy heart beats, now, you are ready to get back home and deal with it all. Now, not earlier, now, because you ran it off and it will be easier, now.

One thought on “Now I will tell you how running (in the rain) is BETTER than therapy

  1. papi says:

    bello veramente.
    Ti prende la pancia.
    Mi sembra che hai capito che le soluzioni ci sono sempre ed anche dove sono.
    Baci vado a fare lezione

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