The count-down starts TODAY!

I officially have 24 days and 12 hours before I will be loosing sensation in my legs and feet for a few hours on a “hopefully” warmish Sunday morning sometimes in November.

The New York City marathon is around the corner and, even though, I have not been writing about it, I have definitely been training quite a bit. I am on my second 20-mile run and that distance is no joke at all, man! But they say that’s when you know you are ready! But, since my training has seen some bumps in the road in the last three weeks, I guess I cannot sit on the couch all day long and drink beer. I must recover instead!!!

First were the endless days and nights spent shooting for the David Alan Harvey photography workshop (I was still training before 9 am, but going to bed between 1 and 2 am every night–but that’s not athlete’s way!). Then came the flu last week that pretty much put me to bed for three full days and the rest of the week I was running like a dad man with jello legs :*(
My long run this Sunday was ok, but I, unfortunately, experienced lots of dizziness and shakiness in the legs, I guess caused by dehydration, or so my dad (the doctor) says.

But, between yesterday and today, though, it all felt a lot better. So, I am sure I am back in the game and ready to play until (and including) Nov. 7.

If I can only give one piece of advice to all the fools running around like me for this CRAZY adventure: Make your training fun and various, it’s the only way time will actually go by fast (and I am not talking about the 3 hours you will be running your 20 miles, but I am saying the 4-months of the pre-marathon preparation).
You do not need to have a running partner to make the training fun, neither do you need music ( even if they both may help), you can be plenty of fun by yourself once your reach that runner’s high in which you think everything is INDEED possible.

Now, when you will stop and your legs will feel as if they can’t hold your weight anymore, that’s another story, but who cares… just keep on running and it will all be ok!

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