At home with DAH

Photo Courtesy of David Alan Harvey

It’s over. David Alan Harvey photography workshop in his loft in Williamsburg is FINITO.
No more morning bike rides to Kent Ave to make it to class on time.
No more bagels with cream cheese and super strong coffee (DAH likes it just about every other Italian I know back home: black and bitter) for breakfast.
No more sleepless nights editing our “best shots” to impress the Photo Master in the early am. No more after-hour of shooting. No more HD crashes or nervous break-downs before the slideshows are done for the ultimate presentation with audience of 100+.
But, worst of all, no more photo critiques and discussion about conceptual vs. didactic photography with the most inspiring classmates and teacher of all times…

None of that. For the next one we will have to wait another year.

Seven days went by quickly and painfully, but the enthusiasm has now peaked to the point of no return (at least for me!).
For the past few months, I had been straggling with the dilemma of whether or not I could justify the fact I have got a Masters in Print Journalism, but what I am actually doing is a lot more photojournalism and videography.

Well, the hell with thinking about what we are NOT doing. Let’s just be the VERY BEST version of ourself now. If I am a photographer and if my heart and soul is into this medium, then the craft of writing I so cunningly studies in school will come handy at some point, but I got to follow my guts and that is telling me to choose visual story-telling over words.

So, I choose you, photography.

After a week of inspirational discussion on the making of new generations of photojournalists to fill the void of an industry that is disappearing due to the economical crisis uproar, I have decided that I am ready to leap in pool of sharks (lots of professional photojournalists here in NYC) and not be scared to get bit.

But, before I do so. Before I jump in the deep end and try to make a long-time project become a long-time dream, I wanted to thank all of those 11 students who shared this “butcamp-like photo week” with me as well as the teacher and the assistant who made it all happen and also tell them that I look forward to growing with all of them, Burn .01 disciples!

Hope the photos below will bring up some good memories. Many more to come!
Check our work to be published HERE soon!

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