NYC is just meant for runners

Despite my lack of publicity, the marathon training continues strong and sound.
I left the Alps and Italy on Tuesday August 24 and got back to the noisy, and very hot City on the 25 and, having been devoured by the chaotic routine here, I have simply forgotten to write about the training. But here I am again with one big news to share first and foremost:

My Trinidadian friend Svenn Grant has joined me, for once and for all, in this madness
(although, he still has to commit to purchase or just raise the money for the race number!)–He is foreign like myself so he does not think not having a number in one of the biggest marathon in the world maybe a little, bitty problem…his plan of trespassing the security and joining the crowd and just run as free as Forest Gump is both heroic and maybe a little too optimistic but, in any case, I still appreciate his morning wake-up text to go train! Without his constant alarm clock I may not make all the running deadlines!

It’s just refreshing to have someone else other than my dad wanting to spend so much time running with me. So, thanks Svenn for running along!

Spoiler Alert to all my OTHER friends: Be careful, if you stick around me too much, I may attach this running-syndrome to you all as well and then you may have to listen to my coaching advice daily (poor Svenn-if you know me well enough, you know I can speak as much as I usually do even when I am running~).

Anyhow, for all of you tuned-up on running–This Sat there is a 5km a Governor’s Island in memory of the Sept. 11 victims. The event is organized by the NYPD and you can find more info here. You are still in time to sign-up and/or come cheer on! I think I may go to the event to take photos.
Also, lately I have been meeting lots of South Africans, must be the City’s vibe or the Italian depressing loss in the World Cup, but I think this is a Divine sign I must get myself ready for this other CRAZY event– the Two Oceans Marathon. . Any thoughts or concerns on that?
I think I better wait and see if I can actually finish a whole marathon before I sign up for an ultra-marathon (56km).

Ok, on another note, my NYC marathon training is entering the hardest month, the one before the last, the one in which the long runs will reach the 35km and the speed work-outs at the Red Hook track may get real nasty (yesterday the timed 6,000m in progression was not all that much fun, yet the breakfast afterword was well worth it especially knowing I am burning so many calories, I can basically eat whatever I want and my weight will stay the same!)

One thought on “NYC is just meant for runners

  1. What was that? Is that how you account for your time jogging with me? And I am not appreciating the neglect for the finer details ie. Your new SA friends and really my alliances… Honestly you need to stop being so competitive, ok? Just cut it out! Just like you cut out your fancy running tights so everyone could look at you run by, I know that’s your plan. Hahaha!

    I would like these so-called followers and friends of this blog to respond via the blog in support of me, Svenn the Champion! The longer of the longest long distance running duo Svenn and Fede (your fully name is difficult for the PR campaign).

    Let me all correct my friend…I will not fundraise to run, I will run to fundraise! I am pretty much banking on Leah, Fede’s flat mate, to tell her dad that I am best thing since sliced bread (i hope you like sliced bread too) and he will say ” you are the longest long distance runner in the world and fully deserve this NYC Marathon number.”Ahh ha! A plan has been devised, sort of… We will then cry and hug each other in safe masculine way of course.

    And Fede, i am not a TOURIST, very yucky (dirty) term indeed, I am a traveller. Traveller sounds sexier, and sexier is sexiest…not sexist… I am gender sensitive!

    So that’s my blog…which should really be called a rlog, because it’s a Runner’s Log! O a Runner’s Jog RJOG! Hmmm. Stay tuned on this runner’s digest of the indigestible supernormal human performances of longest and not so longest long distance duo in the world.

    one run

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