Holy lack of oxygen…

If I could get down the stairs without feeling as if my legs could just as easily detached from my hips, I would prefer it, but I am not sure this will happen in the next few days or as far as I persist in running for almost an hour up and down the hills of Selva at 7am before hiking around the Dolomites all day and pull on some hard plastic in the indoor climbing gym at night.

I think I am taking a day off tomorrow.

I love the high altitude training, but my body is telling me to slow down a little and I must listen (unwillingly so, but I must!). I missed the high you get when you feel the lack of oxygen all at once at the end of the quick repeats. It’s like you are weighless for whole time you are running.

Tomorrow I must stay in bed and resist the sight of the Sasso Lungo from my window even if it will be calling my name telling me to put my shoes on and get down those “painful” stairs to jog my way up the Vallunga.
This morning it was only me and the local “carabinieri” up there, no tourists, no alpine guides with expeditioners, no crying babies who do no feel like hiking anymore. Just me and a bunch of military men running their way up and down the long a hilly valley of mountains and green grass.


If only coffee and a shower did not taste/feel so good after a strenous morning run, I could more easily resist the temptation. But, I think tomorrow the pain in my quads will be so extreme (in the least positive way possible) to force me to keep my shoes tight and rest in bed a while longer before the rest of the hiking tourists decide to hit the trails and I will be forced to follow them impatiently because I would have missed my “morning high.”

Oh well, mountains, my mountains…I will see you again and for my last time this season on Sunday for my long run.
Until then, I bid you good night.

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