My leg has healed and my shoes are back on my feet

As I often do, I didn’t fully listen to my physical therapist and decided to start running again last Sunday. Went out in the country side of Marche for some easy 10km and the leg felt amazing. So, as far as I am concerned, I won’t stop running again until Nov. 7 at about lunch time (hopefully I make the whole marathon by then). Then, after that day, I may take a few weeks off and then who knows.

In any case, these four days off my feet were very beneficial in few different ways: I used the down time to finish my English novel “Emma,” got to do some sight seeing of my wounderful hometown of Rome, and I did not once thought of what milage I had do run and how fast.

Now, though, I am ready to ramble. I got some 6times the 1000meter today and a longer, but slower run tomorrow am before I am off to the Dolomites for five days where my training will have to turn “alpine.”
I have not ran at 1600meter above sea level since I lived in Boulder in 2007 and trained for the 10km Boulder Boulder.

More news from the Alps…
Happy training to all you who are as crazy as I am!

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