Will there still be beach volleyball in America?

Today is a very SAD day for someone like myself who not only worked for the American Professional Beach Volleyball Tour (AVP), but who also loved to follow the sport on TV when she had a spare moment of free time. The AVP closed its doors (gates) to the public. There will be no more big Malibu or Nivea trucks parked on the side of the board walks in Ft. Lauderdale, no more sand bags emptied in the big parking lot of Atlanta to make it for a “real sand experience.”

There will be no more in-state beach volleyball tournaments coming from town to town to knock at your door to spice up that torrid Sunday afternoon you would have otherwise spent watching football inside. The players will only be playing internationally and we may never see them on sand again unless we decided to step on a plane for thousand miles of trans-oceanic travel to in Germany one day and France another. This may get costly and tiring very soon!

There will be no taking pictures of wonderful athletes in the scolding sand and the sunny weather for me. No editing on deadline in the media tent with little Internet connection to be able to send the photos to California for publication. There will be no more player’s party on a Sat. night and no more “hey you, photographer lady, could you snap a shot of me and this player?!”

There will be no more Geters yelling in the TV microphone the nicknames of the athletes while they parade into the finals in the center court. There will be no more Budlight for the after game and no more Lady Gaga playing to pump-up the players before the match. There will be none of this, unless some very rich player/company owner/business man buys the now 2-cents shares of the whole company and decides to re-build it all.

I am hopeful, but also a realist. I love the AVP and I hate to see it die this way. Can you help us???

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