A long Sunday run in Rome turns out an almost-half marathon

Tutto e` bene quel che finisce bene.
And the fact that I am still alive and walking this morning is a the sign running, even when pushed to the extremes, cannot kill you, but only make you stronger. And so it was for my papa and I last night after our mistaken long run, which should have been 16 km, but turned out to be 20.30km (almost a half marathon).

Let me just tell you how good does pizza and beer in the city center of Rome with good company taste after such physical trial–AMAZING!
How do my legs feel this morning? Even better.

The pace: 6:05/km *(not my best, but not too slow).
The total distance: 20.28km (last km uphill since my house in Rome is just build in the wrong place!).
The route: Via Colli della Farnesina, Lungotevere Sanzio, Villaggio Olimpico (the neighborhood I used to go to high school), Moschea, Villa Ada and then back, Via Panama, Piazza Ungheria, Piazza Euclide, Ponte Milvio, Via Colli della Farnesina.
The garmin connect satellite route: you can find it by clicking HERE.
The motto: ” Dad, I told you so!”

Now, If only I would have known my dad was going to pull this one on me before I committed to have dinner with someone at a certain time and, do to the mistake, I showed up one hour late and limping with pain, I would have choosen a different day to venture in a semi-half-marathon experience. But, on a second thought, I am very proud of the whole things today since my only half marathon was in New Orleans on Feb. 28 of this year and this time this one felt like a million bucks.

In any case, running in Rome at dusk in August when the city is empty because everyone is on summer vacation, is just a sight to see. I hope you all can try it one day. Maybe, if this marathon experience works out and I become obsessed with running more than one, I may start a training camp here in Rome.

Who is in?

ps: apologise for the luck of pictures, but carring my camera in such runs is just not an option for now!

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