A new challenge for the mind

The training for the New York City marathon has ufficially started about a week ago.
Today, August 7, 2010, I woke-up to the idea I was going to start blogging about it to keep myself on the go with my writing and to inform others who may want to train for one too of the ups and downs I will encounter in these three months of training for the 42.195km of road running I will complete on Nov. 7, 2010.

The plan for the month of August is to run 25 times over 30 days, which makes it for six running days a week for a total of 60km a week.
The motto: “Finish what you start and feel proud of it.”
The inspiration: my 57-year old father who will be doing his 10th marathon.
Supposed race finish time: 4 hours and 00 ( I am hoping 3:59, but will be happy to just finish my first one).

The idea of running marathons has been infused in my blood since my dad, Stefano, started his journey with this beast in 1996 when he ran the Roma marathon and came home all excited to tell us about it.
More than 10 years later, my dad is still running and he has now shared his experience with my middle sister Paola, who ran the Paris marathon with him last April. I could not but ask him to run one with me and so the story goes…

Hope you all, runners and non, will follow me in my endeavour. It will be painful and joyful, happy and sad, hard and easy, but in the end the important thing is that it will be OVER and I will be proud!

One thought on “A new challenge for the mind

  1. Svenn Grant says:

    Yay! ran the bridges on wednesday night… running has actually helped me feel good after a day of work, especially if I am trapped indoors…hahahaha! thanks for sharing the running time with me…looking forward to sharing the training…and reading the blogs! Peace!

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