From beach volleyball to studio lighting photo-shoot

I guess I have been slacking off updating my Blog because I have been working on my on-going orthodox Jewish women in Brooklyn project, I turned 27 and, more recently, I also took it upon myself to learn about in-studio lighting for a new assignment I got.
So, the Blog got left aside for the new turn I took in my photography career: Stobes-mania!

The photos you see below are from a Bat Mitzvah that I shoot in the Upper West side in mid June. I am honestly new to the whole “out-of-studio-in-studio” lighting, but it worked and it was so much more fun to be able to concentrate on the light set-up once and then just move the subjects in and out of frame as I liked it and not as the action happened (story of my photojournalism life!).

I love the interchangeability of my job. Not everyone has the chance to go from the adventurous, on-the-road photo assignment shooting professional beach volleyball players in VERY bright sun-light with harsh shadows to the almost-perfect inside studio-lighting setting.

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