Bafana, Bafana!!!

The soccer World Cup begins with a tie between Mexico and South Africa. But at Madiba, the restaurant/bar on Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, there was only one team who counted, South Africa. The place was “on fire” yesterday before, during and all night after the game.

People came at Madiba as early as 8 am, just in time to drink a few beers and take turns at blowing into the Vuvuzela (the traditional plastic horns used to cheer soccer players) sitting around in the bar. Too bad they ended up blowing the horns for the whole rest of the game!

I have not been to South Africa, neither had I ever hang out with so many South Africans in a confined space before. But, I never had so much fun taking photos of such colorful and passionate soccer fans. And if I had to choose a team to cheer for that is not my favorite (Italy, of course), the Bafana boys will be my choice, hands down!

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