The secret lives of wig heads

Their sensual, long necks give them a quasi-human look. But their foam-made structure punctured to support the weight of the wig reveal their true nature.
I am at Shila’s again. The lady in the other room does not appreciate me taking photos of her, so I decide to come play here with the “wig heads.”
Looking around I feel as if I were in a wanderlust world where these creatures all a little bit different in their facial expression are indeed looking at me while I photograph them.

For the time spent searching for the right place to take photos, I have noticed that if you walk around Crown Heights early on Monday afternoon you can see husbands (dressed-up in their black suits with the tallits tails hanging from them) walking with their wives’ portable wigs heads in one hand and their prayer books in the other.
They are indeed, often in charged of delivering the wig to the various salons in the area for some last-minute combing or simple washing and brushing before weddings or Shabbes celebrations while their wives are out and about with the children.

If it’s not the husbands taking care of their wives’ beauty, it’s the orthodox Jewish women themselves on a mission to get that trim done right and done on time. You can often see them hurrying around Kingston Ave. carrying these rectangular suitcases that look like doll’s handbags. So, at a first thought you may think they are departing for a trip somewhere, they then step in the shop and reveal the content to be a foam head with their jewels pinned on top of it.

Needless is to say, I am possibly getting way too excited about wigs and wig heads and how the case they are carried around brings me back to my youth and the baby doll’s house and all the accessories I used to have. But, I guess the point is, it’s not a very divulged costume in any other community to get so involved in this “parallel beauty” industry where cash affluence is beyond what I could believe. But, then again, we are all women, orthodox or not, righteous or lust-thursty ones, we got to like our hair and we would go out of our way to make it so!

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