Brooklyn Niños

Dressed like adults they spend a Saturday afternoon having pictures taken of themselves in their flower-pinned hair and bow ties. They pose. They smile composed. They do not get their tuxedos dirty.
But when nobody is “watching,” they are kinds again. They behave like kids. They run. They laugh. They observe strange things. They make them part of their imaginary world.

These are the Brooklyn Niños I could not stop photographing on the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade last Saturday.
They did their own thing. They shared their smiles. They made the usual (water waves crushing on the pier) interesting. They ran away from the groom and bride only to be captured by my camera.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Niños

  1. stefano Valabrega says:

    belle x davvero

  2. CJ says:

    Fede – I love the black and white. The first one is the best – it’s cool how the two kids in the background are kind of blurry.

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