You know you needed Yoga so badly when…

…you are in Shavasana and tears randomly start rolling down your eyes wetting your cheeks.

Today was that day for me.

When I first moved to live in New Orleans, I was all about Yoga and the biking to the studio and back, but then one thing led to the other and I ended up with too much photography work that training for a half marathon seemed the right thing to do to get rid of the daily stress. Let’s just say, the need for aerobic exercise became my excuse to skip on my Yoga routine (That’s probably why I am so damn soar all the times after my long runs these days). On top of it all there soon came the nice weather to drag me outside the Yoga room once again.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

But, today I stepped my foot down and gave in to the usual 12km or so run and opted for the “heart and soul opening” practice. And tonight, I am at peace more than I have been in the past few months thanks to such wise decision.


This is no clique seller-pitch for some free advice on why taking a Yoga class will change your life or a non-sensical push to start meditating to fight depression. I am just stating on MY blog that Yoga is strictly necessary for MY wellbeing as it makes me feel at peace with WHO I AM . When I do Yoga, I am in acceptance of the Federica who I know and I am not pin-pointing all the things I fear and dislike about myself. I am just another of those twisting pretzels in the room and that’s that.

If it weren’t for Yoga today, I wouldn’t have realized how stressed I had actually been in these few weeks and how detrimental such build-up anxiety due to my move back to New York and my wrapping things up here in New Orleans had been affecting me negatively.

In the end, I guess, all I wanted to say is that: If something is truly GOOD for you, and you know why and how, fight with nails and teeth to keep it going. Do not blame the lack of motivation and the busy schedule for having missed out on YOUR priority.

Make it a priority NOT to miss the Yoga class.

No regrets. Just Yoga.

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