I got the Jitterbugs

I think I was born in the wrong era. I am much more of a swing dance than a disco music lover. I would have much rather have been born at the time when Fred Aster and Ginger Rogers where swinging their youth away in the 1930’s.

Since I am stuck in the Guitar Hero times where people much rather play music and dance in front of a TV screen while their friends cheer for them than swing their bodies on a real dance floor, I thought I was just bound to dream about such scenery as the ones my grandma always referred to from the old movies she used to watch.

Until the other day, when I walked passed the Spotted Cat, a bar on Frenchmen street, in the heart of the Marigny neighborhood and spotted (no pound intended here), a bunch of swing dancers shamelessly hitting the floors at 5pm to the note of longing piano man on a stand-up piano.

Needless is to say, I could not but sit there for a whole hour and take photos of such scene.
I wish, though, I also had some time to take the free swing dance class with the teacher Chance because he seemed to be all about letting everyone experience that little bit of swing mode that lives inside each and every one of us. That’s probably the reason why I caught myself moving at the beat of the music more than once while clicking away.

Now, I only have to wait few more weeks for French Quarter Fest to roll around so I can get the Jitterbugs to swing for me en plein air in the beautiful scenery of the old French architecture accompanied by many local brass bands to get more pictures and fill in my void of a swing-less life. And then, as soon as I move to Brooklyn the next month, I am going to get me some swing dance lessons because I can already feel my feet moving under my desk just writing about it.
I must have a case of the Jitterbugs and the only cure may be to give in the fun!

One thought on “I got the Jitterbugs

  1. Blair Bickford says:

    You’ll be great, I can tell .. The soul is swinging! Love the photos!

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