I was a sad and abusive photographer today…

… because I went to the Lower Ninth Ward by myself to find out the remains of Katrina are indeed still breathtaking.

In the next few weeks I plan to go back and take many more photos. I know the story has been covered to exhaustion and it seems there is not much to say anymore, but I can’t imagine been a photojournalist knowing I had these run-down homes close to me and did not take any photos of them.

Even thought the pictures may not look as pretty as the ones I have been posting so far, they do show a very present reality even five years after the natural disaster.
I guess, these photos go to the people who still have no idea of the damages Katrina inflicted on the Big Easy. Or maybe just to the people who do not grow tired of seeing reality even when it isn’t so pretty and colorful as the Carnival makes it look.

May this “abusive” stepping over fences, and climbing up “condemned ” homes be a tribute to all of you who died in this mess and also to all the others who are still alive and trying to rebuild their homes and their lives.

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