Protégé Street Performers Hit Frenchmen Street

I guess when I first moved to the Big Easy almost a month ago, I thought my time here was going to be all about the Carnival and Mardi Gras. And, as my photos reflect I did just that. I covered, together with Chris, a bunch of crazy masquerade parties and krewe parades with bead-throwing floats.

It has been a hell of a short journey into the heart and soul of a secular tradition passed from generation to generation. Aside from the touristy side of it, the energy I witnessed growing in the air from the Saints victory at the Super Bowl to the crescendo toward Mardi Gras has been nothing I had experienced before.
But, there is something that in my opinion is more magical about this town and does not need to be hidden behind a mask: It’s its MUSIC.

From morning to night the Jazz and Blues melodies coming out of every street corners or bars while I am out running, walking, biking, or just chilling, fill my heart with joy and tickle my ignorant music repertoire to stop what I am doing to just listen and then see who’s blowing which horns where.
So, from this point on, since Mardi Gras is over, I am going to be focusing my blog posts, my eyes and my camera onto the superb music scene that extends from the Bywater to Frenchmen street, all the way to the Quarter and Magazine street. And we will see what happens and what I find.

Here is a start from what I heard and saw walking on Frenchmen street the other day.
I felt in love with the colorful background of the bar they were playing in front of and thought it made for the perfect circus-like scene setting. So I just hid there among the crowd, and waited to capture the musicians in their good stage spirit and kick-ass music skills ( I should have had a recorder for that, my bet, will have it next time).

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