Woff Dat! The Dog Parade…

If it weren’t for the fact that I am now feeling the Carnival fever coming onto me, I would never have gone to a dog marching masquerade. I would have laugh about how ridiculous that sounded.

But my friend Bill, a New Orleans transplant from New York City via Washington D.C. insisted for me to go with him and his little rescue beagle-mix Ripli (the one biting the big dog down here, but also the cuddling one in my friend’s Bill arms getting padded by all of the Parade watchers) because he heard so much about the Parade.

Well, the experience was defiantly worth the two-hour-long dog walk through the French Quarter on Super Bowl day. It was just so interesting to see how much fun these people put into creating certain costumes for their four-legged friends.

Not to mention how excited they all looked geared up with their own costumes to show their Saints’ fan spirit.
What a day!
If only I had  my little doggie Domitilla with me, I could have dressed her up just like the others and showed her off her very curly  silhouette (she is a fox terrier).
Well, maybe one day if this festival makes its way across the ocean to Italy…

2 thoughts on “Woff Dat! The Dog Parade…

  1. Bill says:

    In Lil’ Ripli’s defense, he has many more sides than the one portrayed in the above blog entry.

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