Shall we dance? Who Dat!!!

The word Satyricon comes from the Latin work of fiction that mixes prose and poetry and was also known as the Roman novel. It narrates the intricacies of the love story of former gladiator Encolpius, his younger lover Giton and Ascyltos, Giton’s rival in love during the ancient Roman Empire.
Here in New Orleans Satyricon is known as one of the flamboyant gay ball in town.
Who do I know this? Because the show kicked off last night at the Sugar Mills factory on Convention Center Boulevard and Chris and I attended the event in search for some “pretty” pictures to add to our repertoire of Carnival extravaganza.
Although, to our surprise, the despite the colorful costumes, the whole experience was much less risque than we would have expected considering the fact the creator, Mikey, is a 60+year old German homosexual who has been on the New Orleans’ Carnival scene for years.
But, hey…we went and got those pretty shots anyways.

In lack of laight, I decided to play around with some slower shutter speed and some low-sinc flesh and practice what Chris is often known to do, the “crazy shots” where the movement of a ballerina, as in the second photo, does not come out as a smooth and sharp image, but a blur of light resembling the paintbrush of famous French Impressionist painter Edgard Degas in his “balerina” paintings.
Then, as the night went by and the spot light was moved from masks to masks, I had a chance to get back to the sharper, more details-oriented images to capture the vibrant colors of the costumes and give you a taste of the facial expression of the masquerades.

2 thoughts on “Shall we dance? Who Dat!!!

  1. Liz says:

    Keep ’em coming, Fede! Enjoying your blog!

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