Preparing for the BIG DAY…

So, the other day Chris and I were trying to kill some time since we had no particular photo assignment lined up. At 3pm the sun was just getting dimmer and the sky was slowly getting bluer so we decided to venture up Mid Town toward City Park to see what kind of preparation is put into performances before Mardi Gras. Here is what we found in front of Saint Augustine High School: A bunch of very committed teens playing “Beat it” in  memory of Michael Jackson and “When The Saints Go Marching In” while marching accompanied by the New Orleans Police Department on horses.

The images I posted here speak by themselves about how serious the Carnival celebration is for a New Orleans native. Needless is to say that this year, due to the Saints making it into the Super Bowl (they had not played in it since 1978), the event will be that much bigger and more significant than ever before.
Let’s just say that during the over-one-hour marching band practice the director stopped the kids in mid-play to punish one of the trumpeter who must have missed a note or two and had him run around the court for four times with his instrument before he could get back into his group and play better.

This is how serious everyone is about performing at his/her best for THE BIG DAY (the next Feb. 16).
Just take a look at the concentration in the eyes of the three dish players above and take a pick at the droplets of sweat on their foreheads…this is not just the heat, it’s their Carnival pride making his way even in the heart of a tourist like myself.


One thought on “Preparing for the BIG DAY…

  1. david frost says:

    You go, girl. dbf

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