New Orleans-Day 1: “Krewe Du Vieux,” French Quarter

This first sets of photos has not theme, there are just miscellaneous street photos of various night debaucheries of the very first parade. Yet, the closer will we get to Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday on Feb. 16) the more I will try to focus on a particular subject matter practicing a particular theme to my photos. I just think although a photo essay on New Orleans’ Carnival may seem such a large topic, it can be narrowed down to something unique and “off the beaten path of photography.” I just have yet to find it. I count to do so the more I get to know the town.
For now I have been working on shadowing Chris Bickford’s (the photographer I came down here to assist) in all of his moves behind the camera absorbing like a sponge how to diversify my photography from others.

One thought on “New Orleans-Day 1: “Krewe Du Vieux,” French Quarter

  1. ale says:

    That’s a great start, Fede!
    What is impressive to me in these photos, is that when you look at each of them, you get attracted by one single particular of the whole picture. So, it seems that the guy is just there as a background for the red flower and the lady with violet hair is exactly what the crowd has gathered for. Probably the truth is that behind the camera there is a person who applies her judgement to catch what reality tells her to focus on. All in all, I would say that each photo is more real than the truth it tries to represent.
    I’m eager to see the next ones!

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