Debunking the myth of the New Year Resolution list

I am sure every blog in the world has posted something interesting on this topic today and I do not want to be left behind. Yet, again, I do not want to sound clique or cheesy.

So, here I come with a few of my personal tips on what NOT to expect from the famous resolution list.

To start off: Get rid of the damn list.

You know as soon as you write something before you have actually done it it becomes an indelible mark on your conscience if you then, for one reason or another, do not keep word to it.
So, why not make it a point to eliminate sources of auto-flagellation and auto-failure instead than creating more as your New Year’s plan?

If you know you have a hard time keeping commitment to yourself or others, just make less of them. Do not make a heavy list of cumbersome ‘MUST-DOS” when you know you can actually accomplish only half of them. That’s lying to oneself and, as it’s deceiving to do, it’s also un-rewarding and useless while you just crossed the doors in the new year.

Resolving what you want to change of yourself and what you, indeed, like and want to keep constant, should be a continuing process that does not peak at NYE and then drops down to be unnoticed in few weeks. Don’t you think so?

So, do not get hang up on talking about going to the gym more, eating less sugar this year or finding the love of your life  and commit to be honest to what is INDEED achievable to you and when.
I cannot believe the dreamer in me is letting me say this, but something I have recently learn from a good friend helped me to understand we often make plans that are off our reach and, when we fail at achieving them, we get disappointed at ourselves only to then make more of the same plans and feed the vicious cycle of ‘broken dreams.’

Well, this year, I dare myself NOT to do this. Will you?
Happy 2010 to all my fellow readers from my hometown Rome 🙂

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