There is an BIG advantage to having a night job and a bunch of freelancing gigs…

…you can spend a whole day refining your photo style shooting red leaves and blue skies for a whole day and nobody is going to comment about it.

For the past six months, I have been struggling being my own boss, but I have finally realized, as far as I keep it creative and fun, I can be a pretty nice yet productive employer/employee.

Needless is to say when I got my camera in my hands and a full afternoon to fill, I usually forget about time, people, phone, computer etc…so it might be hard to keep track of time and I can get a little too much into what I am doing that my job can get a little dangerous at times. Let’s just say that not even a truck running bye while I am trying to get a clear frame of a District  street where trees were changing leafs, might stop me in my endeavors.

In any case, the reason why I take pretty photos (they look pretty to me), is because it makes me HAPPY and it challenges me to get better. Not having a boss on my own, yet trying to run a freelancing business, I have to make sure to keep my photography fresh and marketable at all times, that is why it’s important to never stop shooting whatever and whomever. The biggest fulfillment is the one of seeing ones progress from frame 1 to frame 1,000.

So, this Blog Post is the first one of many to come in which I will provide my readers with a Photo Essay a month depicting whatever comes to mind.

For this month–October–I am featuring FALL in the DISTRICT.

ENJOY and give me feedback :~)


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