I am in love with the tilt shift 24 mm lens

No, I do not have the money to purchase one (story of my freelancing life), but I have been dreaming of getting one soon.

So, no REAL photos to illustrate this blog, but only IMAGINARY ones…Sorry 😦

The magic of tilt shift starts here: Think of a beach volleyball court filled with people, the sun if high in the sky, in the background you can see the blue ocean caressing the sand on the shore and what you want to underline in your shot is the action at the net. You want your viewers to concentrate on what is going on at the net while still enjoying the whole scenery around them.

The answer is TILT SHIFT. The image using this lens will show the center of your photo very sharp and the surroundings blurry as if a sheet of dust just landed on the corner of your camera creating a purposeful out-of-focus effect.

Trust me when I tell you this looks spectacular. The shots are fresh, creative, unique and the action is what screams for attention, while the crowd around the players at the net is silenced and soften down. The lens is still a wide angle so the whole picture is multi-diminutional showing either side of the volleyball court at an 180 degree angle.

Close your eyes and imagine the clarity of a players jumping to spike a ball in the opposite court while the crowd awaits for the other’s team response…by the time you will open your eyes again I might have raised the money to buy a tilt shift lens and you will be able to see the real photos.

Until then…continue to picture the photos in your head.

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