Ahmadinejad MUST shut up and maybe go back in an isolation room

I have been keeping quiet way too long now regarding the Iranian’s election fraud, but today’s headline on the Washington Post is just making me sick to my stomach and I have to give my opinion NOW.

First off, I must say that a man who denies the Holocaust or Israel’s right to exist should not be let to govern a country.  Let alone a country with an illegal nuclear enrichment plan and a lot of resentment toward the rest of the world. He indeed belongs in a mental institution with the 88-year-old grandpa who shot the police guard at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. two weeks ago.

But, since the world is unfair and crazy people are unleashed and mentally healthy ones are recluse, we shall accept his presidency of Iran, yet we shall not subdued to it.

That is exactly why Obama was not “interfering” with the Iranian’s suspicious election turn-out, as Ahmadinejad said today. But he was only making sure the people of Iran did not have to endure a government they did not in fact vote for, a government who wasn’t going to represent their beliefs. Obama only did what a President of a democratic institution would have done to make sue Iranians’ voices were  heard correctly. 

Now, of course Obama does not only have the Iranian’s well-being at heart, but the American’s one as well. So what? If you were in his shoes would you be fearing for  your people if you knew the head of government of a “controversial” country  had such a fiery personality to deny historical fact and no intention of giving up the country’s nuclear weapon?

I would and that is why I support Obama’s “interference” in this situation. Now, what shall we do about the protestors who were hurt and killed while fighting for their right to vote? Nothing. We can only make sure this does not happen again. And this is exactly what Obama is trying to achieve:Keeping history in check, so that is does not repeat itself any time soon.

So, President Obama shall not “apologize” to you about anything at all, Mr. Ahmadinejad. Maybe you should consider doing so to the survivors of the Holocaust Camps around the world, though.

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