Epic Hike on Flattop Mountain

Last Monday (May 11,) my little sister and I decided to drive up to the Rocky Mountain National Park and venture for a true hike “Rockies style” to brush off the city buzz and enjoy the sun. Little did we know that, aside the super strong sun and the breath-taking view, we would have encountered 44 inches of snow, 20 mph wind gusts and some almost-frostbite danger. Let’s just say our attire was way too amateurish (sleaveless shirts and running shoes do not quite make up for the lack of snow shoes and poles).

Surviving wasn’t the issue, making it down in decent enough time without an altitude-induced headache and some kick-ass pictures to document our ascent, was our mail GOAL. And that we did, playing way too much with the camera that the hike actually took few hours more than it should have and the Mountain Gods might have gotten a kick out of our posing extravaganza.

You be the judge of that. Look below 🙂

"Morning Dawn in Estes" by Federica Valabrega

“Morning Dawn in Estes” by Federica Valabrega

"Breezy on Flattop Mountain" by Benedetta Valabrega

“Breezy on Flattop Mountain” 

"Along Came The Valley" by Federica Valabrega

“Along Came The Valley” by Federica Valabrega

"Wild Life Chilling" by Federica Valabrega

“Wild Life Chilling” by Federica Valabrega

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