After six months in the incubator–my piece on Troy Davis goes live on

My Visit With Troy Davis, a Man Facing Death on October 27th

Twice, Davis has said goodbye to loved ones but had his life spared. Now, he faces execution a third time.

They come out of the corridor all dressed up, with perfectly ironed white suits with blue collars and tennis shoes, a white smile upon their shaved faces. It is visiting day, and they have been waiting for it since last week.

They lean in a line against the yellow painted gates with their arms straight out, waiting for the warden to release their handcuffs, and then they dissolve in the crowded room filled with kids and antsy wives who offer them prepackaged foods just purchased from the vending machines in the hall — their gourmet lunch for the day.

But Troy Davis is not allowed in the visitation room with the rest of them because he is a death row inmate. Visitors see him in a separate room, two gates away from where others greet guests. READ MORE

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