The Skull and Bone Gang wakes you up on Mardi Gras day…

You may not think it’s pleasant to be awaken by strange men dressed up in skeleton costumes, knocking at your door with a dead pig leg at 7 in the morning. But in New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day this is the tradition and just about everyone loves it.

Chris and I set the alarm clock at 6 am and by 6:30 we were out and about in front of the Indians Heritage Museum off of Gov. Nicholls Str. just around the corner from our house in the Treme neighborhood waiting for the skeletons to awaken from the dead and start wondering around the New Orleans streets to bid the beginning of Mardi Gras Day.

“Wake up, wake up, do not be late. It’s Mardi Gras Morning. Go celebrate,” would say the chief of the Krewe while leading the pack around the winding roads in the neighborhood.
“Young and old got to go. Make your move to change your life now, or else you will become like me.”

The stilt-wearing skeleton was the scariest of all especially because all he was doing was intruding in people’s car, house windows while chanting a riddle that went like this: “If you do not stop your killing, you are gonna have to come with me. If you do not stop your lying you are gonna have to come with me…”

Thankfully, I was plenty awake, but the kids who found themselves opening the door at the sound of “Mornin’ it’s Mardi Gras, Wake Up” and then found this giant creature at their door steps telling them to behave otherwise death will take them with them…must have been an interesting way of waking up.

In any case, the experience was defiantly worth the early-morning hour wake-up call.
The Skull and Bone Gang is one of the oldest in the Mardi Gras celebration and as you can see from my photos, the members are not only adults, kids are defiantly becoming a big part of it (weird to think so since kids are often terrified of skeletons). Let’s just hope this tradition carries along and we will have more skeletons to ring the doorbells and wish you Happy Mardi Gras with their scary riddles for many years to come.

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4 thoughts on “The Skull and Bone Gang wakes you up on Mardi Gras day…

  1. bonedaddy says:

    Nice Blog! I am the unstilted Skeleton in “skeleton3.jpg”…..You Next!

  2. Bruce Sunpie Barnes says:

    I’m Bruce Sunpie Barnes Chief of the North Side Skull and Bone Gang. I’m on the porch in the back ground of your first photo. Justed wanted to tell you thank you for the fine job did in your blog.

  3. These are amazing. I was walking around with the group that morning, too.

  4. [...] will be considered a quintessential Mardi Gras Anthem for as long as we have Wild Magnolias, Skeleton Bone Gangs, Baby Dolls, and all the like roaming the streets on Mardi Gras [...]

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