we bring peace onto you


I cannot find the right words to express the way I feel today. I am torned inside with pain, angst and sadness. I am hopeful, but broken and I am not even fighting for my life. I am here watching a conflict as if it were a football match with people cheering one way or the other, while deaths and hater infuriates inside this whole beautiful world of ours. So I listen to this song on repeat and, as cheesy as it sound, I pray for a higher power to take control over this.
We bring peace onto you.

Hevenu shalom aleichem,
Hevenu shalom aleichem,
Hevenu shalom aleichem,
Hevenu shalom, shalom

Shalom aleichem…

“Daughters of the King” is going to France


Dear Federica,
We thank you very much for sharing your pictures with us and for having accepted to be part of the 26th edition of the International Festival of Photojournalism “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan”. We are very happy to announce you that we will present your work during the evening screening on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

I guess I am going to then!
See ya in Perpignan in September, people :)

le mani di un uomo

“Quasi mi dimenticavo ti parlarti delle mani di un uomo. Quante pagine potrei scrivere su un paio di mani? Queste che ho conosciuto sono grandi, quadrate, sembrano disegnate con la squadra. Sono mani affidabili, potrebbero tenere su un palmo una casa, un albero, qualcosa di enorme ed essenziale. E anche la compassione”-Marcela Serrano-L’albergo delle donne tristi.

EPSON scanner image

where are you hurrying to, Mr. New Yorker?

EPSON scanner image
It is summer time now, you have summer hours at the office and lunches are longer than those short 30 minutes break you are used to. Take a breath and walk slower then. Time waits for none, but enjoying that time is precious too. So, put your brief case down and pick up a flower here and there. Look up at the sky and make a wish for someone else. Look at people in the eyes while you pass them on the subway line and maybe blow a kiss to a stranger on your way inside the revolving doors at the office. Trust me, you will feel better if you slow down a bit. It will all seem much more pleasant and summer will feel much longer than those brief moments you will dwell over once snow comes back poring down in winter time…

appartenere, voce del verbo appartenere

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“Gli esseri umani sradicati hanno la tendenza di riprodurre, ovunque si trovino, il loro habitat originario” dice un libro di Marcela Serrano ambientato nel Cile degli anni novanta.

Sono anni che vivo all’estero, partita a 17 con un sogno indefinito ed indefinibile verso una terra di promesse e di avventure, ma anche di tante sfide e mete ineguagliabili. In questa terra ho messo radici, sempre piccole, radici superficiali, radici a fior di terra, non di quelle che si intrufolano nell’asfalto e bisogna tirarle via con le gru dopo anni. Radici semplici, radici di ragazza con un cassetto pieno di sogni inaspettati e improvvisi. Un cassetto pieno fino all’orlo, da dove smistare quelli suoi e quelli altrui di sogni. Ma pur sempre piccoli tasselli di una vita lunga 14 anni.

Tutt’intorno a me pero` sempre le stesse cose, le stesse abitudini di un breve passato trascorso a casa tra il profumo di caffe` e di marmellata fatta in casa. Sempre le stesse comitive di amici, gli stessi passatempi, gli stessi giochi col fuoco e le stesse scaramanzie. Solo un sapore diverso. Un odore diverso. Un gusto diverso con la speranza insita in ogni assaggio del retrogusto conosciuto e non dell’amarognolo inspiegabile.

Ci sono posti che si chiamano casa per un motivo e per questo motivo sono ineguagliabili. Non ci si può fare nulla anche se si prova a fare di tutto. Rimarranno sempre e solo loro ad essere gli unici dove il nostro cuore può vivere e stare in pace con se stesso sempre e comunque. Nulla sara mai eugagliabile, nonostante i nostri tentativi, molti e anche molto pensati.

La casa e` il guscio di tutto cio` che eravamo e che continuiamo ad essere seppur sparsi per il mondo che ci porta in giro. La casa e` dove si viene amati incondizionatamente da come si e` divenuti. La casa e` lei, nostra madre, che ci aspetta a braccia aperte ogni qual volta che noi lo chiediamo. Ce ne e` solo una di casa cosi` e la mia per me e` lei: la mamma Italia.

shabbat and ramadan friday – peace for Israel/Pelestine

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There was a time in this world when a peace process path had been taken… a time where hope was still in the front-burner of people’s minds, both Israeli and Palestinian. Today, this hope, this desire for restoration and a better future, seems to have been let go by both factions, vanished in place of revenge and violence and disruption. Let us take a moment of silence today, which is Shabbat for us Jews and Ramadan Friday for the Muslims and let us think about the men, women and children who have lost their lives in this conflict since the beginning of time. Let there be hope once more. Hope for a better tomorrow and a calmer today…amen!

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EPSON scanner image

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EPSON scanner image

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a prayer for Israel and beyond…


buddhist monk praying inside the saint sepulcher in Jerusalem, June 2012

ok…that’s it. I shut up for too long now. What is happening in ISRAEL is DESPICABLE. I am NOT there and I cannot, but ask my friends in the cities to tell me what’s going on. I am sure it is horrific for both parts. I am sure it is bloody and scary and unfair and brutal and horrible and deadly and of this I feel terribly sorry. If RABIN and ARAFAT were alive today, this would have been very different. VERY.

The law of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” was never ok, not even in the Middle Age. People of both creeds, cousins of two religions who share many similar values, what is it that you are doing, killing one another still in the name of a land and a religion that created you both?

What is Netanyau doing? He speaks of peace process with Abbas in this video on TIME magazine last week and then he responds to Hamas abduction and killing of 3 Israeli students with a vengeful killing of a Palestinian boy and another beating of an American boy today? Yes, of course the Palestinian are throwing rocks and they are also wrong and violent, but children? Seriously…? Yes, the 3 boys abducted and brutally killed were children too, the children of ISRAEL, but still…this is no way toward PEACE. No way toward conversation and comprehension between one another. What are you doing Palestine and ABBAS still enjoying a ‘friendship’ with the terrorist of HAMAS? This is no way to PEACE as well.

What are you doing? Israel is supposed to be the land of Milk and Honey and our TORAH speaks of “treat others like you would treat yourself…” You are not as BARBARIC as you look on the TV screen all over the news these days, you were supposed to be an example of Democracy in the Middle East…and one day the two religions were supposed to live closely in respect of one another’s dream and not killing one another daily on the basis of lies and more killings and brutal disrespect.

Be that example. Teach everyone there is another way other than violence and war. Rise above the crowd, please. Be no evil to respond to evil. A.M.E.N.


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